Cabeswater Reading Challenge

In a matter of days, we will be saying adios to 2016 and hellooooo to 2017. Now we know most people abandon their new year’s resolutions by the time February comes along, but we’re gonna try to hold out (until March, at least– kidding!).

We have come across a number of wonderful reads in 2016 and we can’t wait to find out what other books we’ll discover in 2017. However, we notice that we tend to get caught up in the YA madness that we might have missed out on gems in other genres. That is why, as a resolution in the new year of 2017, we are breaking out of our comfort zones with the Cabeswater Reading Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

  1. We have prepared 50 prompts

    Some of these are really specific (e.g. Read a book with numbers in the title), while others give us a little more freedom to explore for ourselves (e.g. Read a book written by an author from another country).

  2. A prompt will be randomly chosen

    We believe in the good ole faith of online randomisers. From the chosen prompt, each of us are then tasked to pick up different books that fit with the challenge to read for that month.

  3. Read, rant, repeat

    At the end of that month, we’ll make a joint post talking about the different books we have read. We’ll share with you our thoughts, feelings, and recommendations. Then, a new prompt will be picked for the next month and we will start all over again!

We are really excited about the kinds of books we will discover through this challenge. We are more excited at the idea of having you join us in our Cabeswater Reading Challenge each month.

What are we waiting for?


Read a book whose main character is a musician / plays an instrument

January, here we come.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.38.15 PM





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