Must-Sees This Valentine’s Day

What you are, or should be watching.

Are those chocolates I smell? Hey, why look for a special someone when you’ve already got yourself some special sweets. That’s definitely love in the air.

Yet, February the 14th is not only about the high-calorie munches (surprisingly enough). This day can be your reason to stay home, cuddle up, and enjoy a roller coaster of emotions with these beloved movies/shows we’ve hand-picked for you this Valentine’s Day:

little_manhattanLittle Manhattan (2005)

In this cutest movie ever made, your heart will be warmed and your smile will constantly take over your face. People say that there is nothing like your first love. Well I say, there is nothing like watching a young Josh Hutcherson get his first kiss.

Trust me, this movie is all that you would need on Valentine’s Day. But go ahead if you still want to keep scrolling. Don’t let me stop you.

fd0e1156b6619da555715e079a041e0c Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

Ah. The show that screwed me over. If you haven’t had the time to relive all your favourite moments with Gossip Girl, then Valentine’s Day is definitely an excuse to get on that marathon. Or just catch any episode, really. What I want on Valentine’s is the complicated, intense, all-consuming great love of Chuck and Blair.

The show also had a Valentine’s special, which is their 15th episode of season 5 entitled ‘Crazy Cupid Love’.

7b31c5df8c0ce7ac53a3daa7a4c5f9bc07275f74Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special (2017)

This Netflix original is a newcomer that I’m adding to my V-Day movie list. I have to come clean: I still haven’t seen it. But I was drawn just from reading the synopsis and it looks like this movie promises us a good time with its light-hearted comedy.

Do yourself a favour, try something new and let loose that big laughter.

valentines_dayValentine’s Day (2010)

I don’t think I can get bored from watching a chick flick with a star-studded cast such as Valentine’s Day. And, yes, perhaps movies have indeed been picking up the style of Love Actually from 2003 and trying extra hard now to convey that “love is all around” message. Doesn’t mean I love this movie any less, though.

You can’t go wrong with Valentine’s Day. This movie was practically produced for this very purpose.

notebook_ver2Any Nicholas Sparks movie. No seriously.

Of course, what’s the 14th of February without Nicholas Sparks? Here are more movies that you cannot go wrong with. From the ever famous The Notebook down to the tear-jerker The Last Song, these movie adaptations show you why author Nicholas Sparks define love.

(Pssssst. A personal favourite of mine would be the lingering A Walk to Remember.)

90fc5b58df56f2c578dbcd9407da6c58Riverdale (2017-)

This new sensation is already everyone’s favourite show. Riverdale’s dark and sexy theme will reel you in and you will be craving for more, more, more. Not to mention, the cast that is majorly made up of newcomers do not disappoint.

I love the Archie comics as much as the other person does, but who knew twisting the light humour of the comics could conceive such a brilliant show? They certainly pulled it off.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.37.11 PM

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