“Cabeswater,” Gansey repeated.
There was something about the word itself that was magical. Cabeswater.

The Raven Boys, Maggie Stiefvater


Dear reader,

Hi there! Welcome to Cabeswater. In Stiefvater’s world, it is a magical forest where time stands still and the trees speak Latin. But for now, this is our blog. Expect reviews of books, movies, TV shows, and the occasional venting of emotions of two incredibly stressed young adults.

This blog is run by a pair of friends who were brought closer together by their love of books. We decided to start Cabeswater to share our passion towards the stories that provide mundanes like us the chance to hunt down demons, battle invading aliens, and fall in love with angst-ridden teenagers – all the while enduring scenes of cliché love triangles and chosen-one dystopian tropes.

For books, we find ourselves drawn to mostly young adult novels; with genres such as, but not limited to, fantasy, mystery, and adventure. As for movies and TV shows, on the other hand, we tend to go with the flow.

So here are a couple of things to note:

  1. Enjoy our blog!
  2. Feel free to comment! We’re not just enthusiastic about sharing our opinions, we also love hearing the thoughts of others (that’s you btw).
  3. If you wanna be our friend, we want to be yours! So go ahead and click that follow button.

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