Must-Sees This Valentine’s Day

What you are, or should be watching.

Are those chocolates I smell? Hey, why look for a special someone when you’ve already got yourself some special sweets. That’s definitely love in the air.

Yet, February the 14th is not only about the high-calorie munches (surprisingly enough). This day can be your reason to stay home, cuddle up, and enjoy a roller coaster of emotions with these beloved movies/shows we’ve hand-picked for you this Valentine’s Day:

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Within and Without

You’re welcome in advance

Adam is Ronan’s, Ronan is Adam’s, and even in 2017 our hearts still belong to both of them. Here are 10 songs that remind us of RonanXAdam. For those who haven’t yet read the series, make The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater your new year’s resolution. Enjoy!

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When We Don’t Like The Main Character – A Rant

Please tell me you’ve been there too

There’s no denying that here at Cabeswater we fall in love with books all the time. At the same time, however, there were more than a few books that left us with a bitter taste in our mouths.
Picture this: You pick up a book with an amazing premise, glorious cover, great ratings on Goodreads, etc. only to put it back down – or in some cases hurl it to the other side of the room – because you don’t like the main character.

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Free Books to Get Your Hands On

Is the spirit of the holiday season getting to you yet? Are you already thinking that this December could not possibly get any better after seeing the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer? Well, we are proving you wrong.

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5 Honest Comments on The Raven King

The release of the final instalment to our beloved The Raven Cycle last April was undeniably bittersweet. We were so grieved that we needed the whole of eight months to mourn before we could publish this post. Okay, not entirely true. Our absence from Cabeswater was majorly held liable by our senior year demands and graduation (and starting university and adjusting to a new life and basically every other empty excuse you can think of).

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So we know we promised we’d be back by June (time check: it’s almost December), but hey — the best promises are the ones worth breaking, right?

Long story short, we graduated high school this June and we are now taking our first steps into full-blown adulthood. As it turns out, there was a lot more that we had to deal with as we go through this phase of transition from pesky teenagers into “responsible” adults. All of which you can read more about in our newly updated Meet The Writers page.

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We Are Taking A Hiatus

We’ll be back soon.

(single tear)

Basically, we are heading into a shit-storm of exams, homework, and projects from this month until we graduate (hopefully, fingers crossed). Therefore, we are sad to announce that from February to early June we will not be able to update you as much as we’d love to during these months.

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The End. The 5 Stages of Dealing With The End of A Series

Are any of your favourite book series ending this 2016? We feel you. These are the 5 stages of grief you’ll go through after closing that final book.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. So, when you pick up that very first book of a series you’ve also signed up for its imminent end. But just because you can see the end coming it doesn’t make it less painful, especially when the series has given you so much life.

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The Book Fangirling Blog Award

We were nominated for the BookFangirling Blog Award. Yay! Check out our answers and nominees.



Thanks to Kirrily at thepageturnerblogger for nominating us for this award! We started this blog for the mere joy of it and was prepared to have zero readers, so having other bloggers enjoy our content as much as we do is a pleasant surprise.

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Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat

Happy New Year everyone! We’re starting off the year by listing some of our favourite High School Musical 1 moments to celebrate 10 years since the movie’s first release.

Happy New Year everyone!

I guess you could say this is the start of something new (pun intended). As much as we are sure that this year marks different things for each of us, 2016 also marks a decade, –  you read that correctly –  a decade since the first High School Musical movie. We feel so old.

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